Is there an Indian way of management? Understanding management from a Indian perspective

Two research interns working at CIRHS attended a two-day international conference on ‘Society and Management: Indian Culture vis-à-vis Western Culture’ held at the Indian Institute of Management- Kozhikode (IIM-K) on December 7th and 8th, 2018. This is a report prepared by them, as it is relevant to the ongoing IERDM project in CIRHS. The IERDM... Continue Reading →

Interaction session with Vilém Skopal

CIRHS organised an interaction session between students of SDM Under-graduate College with Vilém Skopal on 13th December, 2018. He is a PhD scholar from University of Pardubice, Czech Republic. He is at CIRHS as part of an Erasmus+ student exchange programme for a period of three months. The interaction session was arranged with students of... Continue Reading →

Successful completion of the Certificate Course

SDM Centre for Inter-disciplinary Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences (CIRHS) conducted a 40-hour certificate course titled European Foundations of ‘the Caste System’: Past, Present and Future from 18 to 23 June, 2018, under their Jean Monnet modules project, India-Europe Relations and Diversity Management. Participants came from various parts of India with diverse educational... Continue Reading →

Workshop for PUC Students: India-Europe…

The Centre for Inter-disciplinary Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences (CIRHS) organized a three-day introductory workshop for SDM PU students at the SDM PG College on 21st, 22nd and 23rd of February, 2018. The title of the course was ‘India-Europe: How we perceive each other.’ This was the first course conducted under the Jean... Continue Reading →

Basics of Research Skills–Workshop at Alva’s

SDM CIRHS organized a day-long workshop on 9th June 2017, titled ‘On Basic Research Skills’ for the social sciences and humanities faculty of Alva’s College, Moodubidire, on their campus. The course was formulated as an introduction to research in social sciences and humanities, and addressed the familiar questions and issues of choosing a research problem,... Continue Reading →

Report: Summer Course-1

CIRHS successfully conducted two five‐day summer courses titled ‘Do We Know India?’ on the SDM PG College campus. The first course was held from 10‐14 May and the second from 22‐26 June, 2017. Students and scholars from some of the well-known institutions across India (like IIT Madras, Amrutha University, Delhi University etc.) attended these courses. Without exception,... Continue Reading →

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