Certificate Course: “India-Europe and Religious Diversity”

CIRHS is offering a Certificate Course to interested students in the term January to May, 2018. The course is an attempt to raise interest in the study of Europe by demonstrating that (a) social sciences about India emerged in Europe, (b) these social sciences are rooted in the cultural context of Europe and we need … Continue reading Certificate Course: “India-Europe and Religious Diversity”


Do We Know ‘Hinduism’? (Course Postponed)

Do We Know 'Hinduism'? A Three-day Intensive Course “Hinduism” has enjoyed an interesting career. From being condemned as “devil worship and gross idolatry” to “a corruption of God’s revelation” to “a pan-theistic spiritual system” to being “a way of life rather than a religion”, it has taken many avatars in popular and scholarly perceptions. From … Continue reading Do We Know ‘Hinduism’? (Course Postponed)