Biennial Jean Monnet conference at Brussels, 27-28 Nov 2017

Dr. Sufiya Pathan and Dr. Dunkin Jalki attended the "2017 Biennial Jean Monnet conference and kick-off meeting for new beneficiaries" at Brussels, on 27th and 28th November 2017.


CIRHS activities between Sep 2015-Sep 2016

The CIRHS was setup in September 2015, and this site was published a year later in September 2016. Following are some of the activities that CIRHS organized during this period. 17-18 October 2015: “Past (Itihasa-Purana) and History” This workshop focused on the difference between itihasa-puranas and western modes of writing history. When one inherits the … Continue reading CIRHS activities between Sep 2015-Sep 2016