CIRHS’ Jean Monnet Project: IERDM

One of the larger goals of the initiative of which CIRHS is a part, is to bring the two continents and cultures — India and Europe — closer. They have much to learn from each other and to set right many wrongs they have committed in the past. The project IERDM turns this dream into a small and manageable project with palpable goals and a timeline.

LogosBeneficairesErasmus+RIGHT_ENDuring this project period, CIRHS will organise many activities that address the theme of the project: Diversity management in India and Europe. You will find links to the pages with details about these activities and other related information here. This Jean Monnet Modules project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Project page on the SDMC website


* Interaction Session: Europe-India


Team CIRHS bags Jean Monnet Project