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Call for Internships

CIRHS offers unique internship opportunities for students, research scholars and young professionals from various different fields with the desire to learn about India. This is an ideal opportunity for those who feel straightjacketed by current academic options before them, yet wish to learn about their world; students who are expected to undertake internships during their course break; those who are seeking a gap year or a space to gain new experiences without the burden of a job; and primarily those who wish to understand Indian culture while exploring the possibility of undertaking research about what they see and experience in India.

If you would like to…

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  • get a taste of advanced research in the Social Sciences, under the supervision of experts from India and Europe
  • be part of various projects activities of CIRHS (such as, Jean Monnet and British Academy projects)
  • be part of a multinational, motivated and professional research team at CIRHS
  • live in and around the most beautiful and peaceful temple village, Dharmasthala
  • be part of the courses that CIRHS teaches, either as students or as teaching assistants

Then you are looking for us!

The CIRHS offers internship options of various durations and types: few weeks to several months, at Ujire (near Dharmasthala), Karnataka, India. The internships are open to Indian as well as international students of any educational background whose interests are allied to our research interests at CIRHS. There are just two requirements here: a deep desire to learn, do and be part of advanced research in the Social Sciences and a level of learning that prepares you to undertake this journey. A Masters degree will be preferred, but is not a prerequisite for applicants.

Our interns and resource persons in a reading session at CIRHS

We do not pay interns, nor do we charge any fees. Expenses on accommodation, sustenance, travel and so on must be borne by the students. The cost of living in a rural context like Ujire, however, is much lower than in cosmopolitan urban India. Subsidised hostels can also be made available. The duration of the internship depends on the nature of activities that the intern takes up. In order for these internships to be fruitful, we recommend a period of stay of at least 2 to 3 weeks.

 Who is CIRHS?

CIRHS is a research centre established in 2015 at SDM PG College, Ujire, which works within the research programme of the Comparative Science of Cultures. This research

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programme has attracted scholars from India, Belgium, the Czech Republic and the UK. Having worked together as a research team over almost two decades, we have grown into a joint family of researchers across India and Europe, who are looking to build a better future.

The motivation for this internship programme comes from our feeling that young people, whether from privileged educational backgrounds or otherwise, are hungering for knowledge. The educational system does not satisfy their hunger at the level of higher education, not because of the lack of resources, but because of the lack of knowledge itself. We do not know enough. In fact, what we know hinders our learning. This insight is at the core of the research programme of the comparative science of cultures and we work towards un-learning the dominant social scientific framework in order to build an alternative framework that will generate knowledge and genuine solutions for the problems India faces today.

For further information 

Write to us, if you are interested in doing an internship with us! Or, if you have any questionswrite to us with brief details about you and what you are looking for during the internship, at


Meet our current and past interns!


Harshita HR, a student of psychology, and interested in further

Harshita HR

research in comparative psychology, worked with CIRHS as an intern from June 2018 to March 2019.

Vilem Skopal

Vilém Skopal, a student of study of religions, from the University of Pardubice, spent three months (October 2018-january 2019) as an intern at CIRHS. During his stay here, he worked on Buddhism. He conducted some interactive sessions with SDM students, talking to them about European culture and youth movements in Europe.

Gayathri Devi did her integrated masters in English Studies from the Indian Institute of

Ms. Gayathri Devi
Gayathri Devi

Technology-Madras (IIT-M). She was selected for the Svaagata student exchange program funded by the European Union and spent a year at the University of Pardubice, Czech Republic. Her area of interest lies in the colonial understanding of caste and the caste reformation movement in Kerala. She worked as intern at CIRHS from February 2017 – March 2018, and then as a research assistant for the Jean Monnet Project, IERDM, from April 2018 to December 2018.

Surabhi Mehrotra

Surabhi Mehrotra, a Master’s student in English Language and Literature from Christ University (Bangalore), spent her internship month with CIRHS (April-May 2018), exploring various issues related to European Culture and its impact on India and Dalit literature.

Anneleen Derde, a psychology student from

Anneleen Derde

University of Ghent, Belgium, spent three months on SDM campus, as a CIRHS intern. During her stay, she conducted a few sessions on autism, on European culture and her experience in India for SDM students. She also spent some time working in a hospital.


Garima R
Garima R

Garima R was awarded the Svaagata fellowship for post-graduate studies in Europe, in 2013, on the basis of which she graduated with a Research Master in Religious Studies from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Her master thesis discussed academic discourse on the Hindutva movement in India and the problem of orientalist notions within the movement. At present, she is exploring further directions for research. She is interested in colonialism, colonial consciousness, and Indian traditions. She was with CIRHS for a year between 2016-1017.

Kim Casier was our first international intern, who spent five months at CIRHS,

Kim Casier (left)

beginning from December 2015. She was a Master’s student in Social Work, from Vives University College, Kortrijk (Belgium). As an intern she worked on Indian primary health care system, for an international project ‘Introducing Universal Health Coverage’.




Some thoughts by our interns

“… I wanted to do hands on social work in a small, rural education town, but ended up doing research for the first time in my life. If I remember accurately I was overwhelmed by it al. As it appeared reality is complicated. Doing research on a limited subject of that reality.. oh my! Where to begin. …  I went through a major attitude shift: from insecure and fearful to explorative and curious, still sprinkled with insecurity, but hey: that’s just me.  I enrolled in a research concerning primary health care in Karnataka and started assessing a few primary health centres, but gradually questioned the whole concept of healthcare and such centres in the local Indian context. Up till now the questions are still there. The curiosity and thirst to know don’t just disappear. It erodes in your consciousness. … India stole my heart.”

Kim Casier

The rest of her letter is here.

“Me a first-year MA (English) student of  Christ University, I had heard about CIRHS from my friends who informed me that it is a research centre that focuses on interdisciplinary research on contemporary matters of relevance. This was just what I aspired to be a part of, and got an opportunity at CIRHS for the same. In the time I spent here as an intern, I did not only get a thorough understanding of the approach I need to develop for research but also learnt about the legal and social issues/ problems that are prevalent in India. I was guided by my mentors to understand the nuances of reading, finding gaps, collecting data and identifying issues in the existing pool of knowledge and experience.
The time I spent at CIRHS [April-May 2018] was wonderful not only because of the picturesque surroundings but also because of the warmth and friendliness of the people. At the workplace as well as in the hostel, people made every effort to make me feel at home. CIRHS Ujire, I am glad to say, calms all your other senses and stimulates your thought-process, eventually helping you to see what needs to be seen. An internship here, I hope, will be my first step here towards a career in research.”

– Surabhi Mehrotra

“I am a psychology student from Belgium and graduated in July 2017. Before starting my work in Belgium, I came to India to observe the educational and care system here, with the intention of gathering some crucial experiences to improve my knowledge and skill as a healthcare practitioner. …”

From Anneleen Derde‘s report on her work in SDM, while interning at CIRHS. The full report is available here.



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