Western Foundations of the Caste System (book released)


Hello Friends,

The book co-edited by us (Sufiya Pathan and Dunkin Jalki of CIRHS), with others, is out in the market now. This book, is a collection of articles on an important issue of our times: the way the notion of the ‘caste system’ emerged from the European descriptions of their experience in India and some of the serious implications of taking this notion as a scientific description of Indian society.

This book is meant to encourage further research in the new field that it tries to establish. It is part of a concerted effort to bring caste under scientific scrutiny. Taking off from the research insights of S. N. Balagangadhara, who has been critiquing the Western Christian roots of scholarship on India, the book has made an attempt to show how the caste system became one building block in a much larger (and the only) story about India available today. This ambitious project, however, is surely much larger in scope than a book (or even a series of them), can handle. It is a task for a few generations of scholars. To this extent, this work is an attempt to generate this ambition in fellow scholars.

When you finish reading, let us know what you think about the book!

Thank you,

Sufiya Pathan

Dunkin Jalki


Table of contents (8 chapters) Caste book cover 1.png

  • Introduction: Caste Studies and the Apocryphal Elephant — 1-30
  • Caste-Based Reservation and Social Justice in India — 31-55
  • Are There Caste Atrocities in India? What the Data Can and Cannot Tell Us — 57-84
  • Dissimulating on Caste in British Law — 85-126
  • Were Shramana and Bhakti Movements Against the Caste System? — 127-172
  • A Nation of Tribes and Priests: The Jews and the Immorality of the Caste System — 173-220
  • The Aryans and the Ancient System of Caste — 221-251
  • Afterword — 253-261

Caste book cover 2


More details and the front matter are here!

E-copies are available here: Google Books; Amazon; Springer.