Do We Know ‘Hinduism’? (Course Postponed)

Do We Know ‘Hinduism’?

A Three-day Intensive Course

“Hinduism” has enjoyed an interesting career. From being condemned as “devil worship and gross idolatry” to “a corruption of God’s revelation” to “a pan-theistic spiritual system” to being “a way of life rather than a religion”, it has taken many avatars in popular and scholarly perceptions. From politicians to acclaimed scholars to lay Indians, 7830425614_69f94c18ce_kwe straddle these several positions, in rally speeches, academic works, in Facebook posts and in everyday conversations. Yet, we often find it difficult to answer even a few basic questions about ‘Hinduism’. Do we know why? Do we know how these descriptions have come to be? Do we know enough to pick and choose between them? Do we know Hinduism?

CIRHS offers an intensive three-day course introducing participants to these many avatars of “Hinduism” and raising some simple questions: Do any of these avatars 33182734730_fcc1ba4a4b_mcapture our everyday experience? How do we go about disentangling ourselves from descriptions generated over centuries? Do we need to? What is at stake in answering these questions?

Do you think you have the answers to these questions? Find out in the course…

The course is open to anyone interested in these questions. The course will combine reading key texts with group work and interactive sessions. To register, send an email to with the following details: Name, Age, Institutional affiliation (if any) and educational qualifications. You can call us at: +91 97427 80020

Dates:             4, 5, 6 August 2017 (postponed)
Venue: SDM PG College, Ujire 574240 (Karnataka, India)
Registration fee (₹):* 2000/- (Residential; Accommodation in SDM Hostel)

1000/- (Nonresidential)

Last date for registration: 21 July 2017
Total Seats available: 12


For any concession on the registration fee, please write to us.


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