Western Foundations of the Caste System (book)

Hello Friends, The book co-edited by us (Sufiya Pathan and Dunkin Jalki of CIRHS), with others, is out in the market now. This book, is a collection of articles on an important issue of our times: the way the notion of the 'caste system' emerged from the European descriptions of their experience in India and … Continue reading Western Foundations of the Caste System (book)


Do We Know ‘Hinduism’? (Course Postponed)

Do We Know 'Hinduism'? A Three-day Intensive Course “Hinduism” has enjoyed an interesting career. From being condemned as “devil worship and gross idolatry” to “a corruption of God’s revelation” to “a pan-theistic spiritual system” to being “a way of life rather than a religion”, it has taken many avatars in popular and scholarly perceptions. From … Continue reading Do We Know ‘Hinduism’? (Course Postponed)