Certificate Course in Academic English



You may be competent in day-to-day conversations in English. You may read English newspapers rather well. But Academic English is another kettle of fish. It is a kind of English that you need for writing college essays, MA theses, literary analysis, a lab report or just to read and understand academic texts, and in many other areas of your academic life. In addition to language, it requires the acquisition of certain kinds of thinking skills as well.

Taught by competent faculty, this course will include exercises in summary writing, question analysis, essays, comprehension skills, academic reading, understanding lectures, and note taking. The skill to write in an academic style is something you practice and acquire. The course faculty will guide you by organising practical sessions on these skills.

The skills you learn in this course will help you later in your career, as well. Writing for newspapers, reports for jobs, articles for scientific journals, PhD and many other careers require you to know academic writing. There is only one way you can acquire it: learn it now and practice it until you get ahead in your career!

  • Number of seats: 20
  • For registration: visit us in the office, Room No. 23, SDM PG College, Ujire!
  • Venue: SDM PG College
  • Time: Monday and Friday, 4:15 to 6:15 pm
  • Course Duration: 20 hrs
  • First batch of the course begins on 24th March 2017. Register soon!!
  • Fee: Classes are free; but you will pay for the course certificate and course material at the beginning of the course. (Only those with at least 75% attendance will get the certificate.)

The course is open to both UG and PG students and teachers of all departments (Science, Humanities and Social Sciences).


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