East meets West: A musical exploration for beginners (Workshop announcement)

East meets West: A musical exploration for beginners


Music is a universal language, but there are many ‘dialects’. There is classic and there is pop, fusion, folk, jazz…etc. Both India and Europe have a very strong musical tradition, but how different they are!  And we know so little about each other’s tradition.

In this ‘illustrated talk’ participants will focus on some instruments, which are used in both traditions. They will discover musical landscapes by listening to examples. One might be familiar with the sound of a flute in Indian music, let’s now listen to how flutes are used by Bach, Mozart or other classical European composers. What does the Western violin have in common with the violin in Carnatic music? Or in Bollywood for that matter? And what do you know about the immense diversity in the use of a rather ‘new” instrument, the saxophone?

Let’s listen to some music samples from India and from the West and discover what instruments are used, and how different similar instruments can sound!

An introduction to European musical traditions by Ms. Anne Cardinael, a European music lover who lives in Ujire.

Instructor: Ms. Anne Cardinael

Venue: SDM PU College (Ujire)

Date and time: Late-afternoon of 28 Sep 2016

Admission by invitation only (write to us for an invitation and further information)

Image source: http://kurld.com/


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