Research Project Proposal Writing Workshop

Organized by

CIRHS and the PG Department of Social Work, SDM PG College

Venue: SDM PG College, Ujire – 574240. Date: 23-24 September 2016

This is a two-day workshop which intends to motivate and teach the eligible and young faculty to apply for research projects. Workshop applicants will be introduced to various aspects of a good research proposal: from research related issues to the formal requirements of a proposal, like, description of the area selected, project timeline, budget and bibliography. All college and university teachers, working in the area of Humanities and Social Sciences, aspiring to write good projects for UGC and other funding agencies will benefit from the workshop.

Keeping the UGC minor and major projects as the model, this task based workshop will guide the participants to begin writing a proposal during the workshop sessions. In order to make this task easier and productive, we expect the participants to come prepared for the workshop.

We suggest that the participants

  1. bring their own laptop,
  2. think about the area and the topic that they want to work on,
  3. write down in bullet points, either in Kannada or in English,
  • at least two possible areas of research
  • five different titles of the projects (i.e, five different possible projects)
  • details of five articles and five books for the reference list

Our resource persons

  • Prof. Shripathi Kalluraya P (Finance Officer, Mangalore University)
  • Prof. P.N. Udayachandra (Registrar, SDMC, Ujire)
  • Prof. A. Jayakumar Shetty (Dept. of Economics and Development, SDMC, Ujire)
  • Dr. Sufiya Pathan (CIRHS, SDMC, Ujire)
  • Dr. Dunkin Jalki (CIRHS, SDMC, Ujire)

Contact:; (00 91) 97427 80020

Invitation card


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